Accent reduction training is the process of acquiring proficiency in all aspects of Canadian/American pronunciation, or the standard North American accent. Below are two areas in which my one-on-one training will benefit you.


Grammar is the foundation of any language. It’s how we build our sentences to make them clear and precise, using sound and structure to create meaning.

I work with individuals who would like to perfect their English grammar skills, in order to advance their careers or areas of study.

Because grammar is an area of struggle for many native and non-native speakers alike, I provide a relaxed and encouraging environment to improve your mastery of it.

and Public Speaking

Regardless of whether or not you speak with an accent, many of us have subtle ways of speaking that distract from our message. Learning to articulate with clarity and confidence enables you to connect with your audience and hold their interest.

Whether in a meeting with just a few people, or in a room full of hundreds, making positive improvements to the way you present can move you from being “just okay” to being an influence in your field.

Why Work with Me

Areas I focus on include:

  • vowel and consonant sounds
  • rhythm
  • word, syllable and sentence stress
  • intonation
  • smooth speech (connected speech, linking)

My method of accent reduction will help you:

  • Communicate clearly and be understood
  • Increase self-confidence so you can speak with authority
  • Improve employment and advancement potential
  • Explore your personal communication style

All sessions are private and can be done in-person, by Skype or phone. Contact me for further information.


I’m sounding more and more like a native speaker!

I really appreciate Melanie’s help in improving my English, which is my second language. I’m gaining the confidence I need at work now with my pronunciation and grammar improving so much. Melanie is the most cheerful and helpful teacher I’ve ever met. I’m so happy to have such a great coach. Thank you so much!
Eri W.

I am now a clear confident and professional speaker.

Melanie is not only a great voice over actor but also an excellent accent reduction coach. She helped me locate all my issues word by word, and strategically transformed me from someone who sounds like a foreign student to a clear, confident and professional speaker. I strongly recommend Melanie to anyone who is looking for a highly customized program to improve their English.
Nikola T.

She is very professional, encouraging and supportive.

I was lucky to have Melanie as my accent coach. She helped me identify all the problems with my pronunciation and designed custom exercises to target the incorrect articulation and intonation. Not only did I greatly improve my English pronunciation, but I also became aware of the pronunciation and grammar flaws in other non-native English speakers. I strongly recommend Melanie to anyone who strives for perfection. But remember, she’s there to guide you; you still have to work hard on your own to achieve results.
Dmitry D.

She made me feel so comfortable!

Melanie is the kind of teacher who makes you want to learn. She makes you enjoy every single moment of learning.

She made me feel so comfortable by being fun and warm, and at the same time helping me improve my North American accent by being very attentive and meticulous.

I couldn’t have been luckier, meeting her.
Luca D.